Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So, I finally locked in all of my courses for college. I almost didn't get math, but I checked again in case someone was dropped for not paying, and I saw that a single slot was open in a time and date that was open for me. I will house sit for my teacher again soon this month. Recently I have been longing to be able to go outside, feel the fresh breeze, and just relax in the middle of nature. I have been missing a certain person even more, as well. I feel like my real life is about to start, but I haven't gotten there just yet, I'm in a crossroads where the future is foggy before my eyes and my past is fading before my changes. I feel like I need to do something, but I haven't gotten to the point to where I can do it yet. All I can do now is practice and wait...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well, time to blog again. Today was the first day I went to the teacher's house to house sit for her. Her cat Horacio, who was normally the most active, did hang around Mimi and I as I looked around the house for the things we needed to do. Her other cat, Nellie, was much more shy and understandably nowhere to be found. I checked all their food and water, so that they would have ample care. Everything went well, but we had to leave earlier than we wanted to because a storm was approaching. Thankfully, even though it was raining hard as we came home, the storm dissipated some before it got to our house and there was only a soft drizzle once it reached us. Tomorrow, I have a lot to do, from checking the house to shopping for things to (hopefully) going to a school event and supporting some classmates and teachers who are going to TCBY to raise funds for their technology trip to Africa. I am really glad I can help out with that and plan to be there, if Mimi will allow me to...

As for future things, my wisdom teeth probably won't be taken out until August, but I'm hoping that's the case because there is a massive tournament happening on July 30 here. It's going to feature many people from around the state and even out of state, and it's one that I very much don't want to miss. I'm hoping the date doesn't fall on any time in July, though now I'm wondering how I'm going to even be able to visit my mom... it will be a close call, I think. Also, the surgery won't happen in my mom's area anymore, which is another change because of the insurance. It makes me ponder how wonderful it would be if everyone could be insured by expensive insurances, thus making it cost less for everyone since the insurance would cover every single person. But of course, competition is law here in the US, unfortunately.

On the brighter side looking towards a bigger future, I have pretty much cleaned out my entire closet (Mimi helped me some by helping me look for my lost iPod, which remains lost and probably won't be found sadly) and I have organized a ton of things. Even so, everything is in its early stages, and I have a long way to go to get to my future, but I will get there at the time it's meant to be.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So, another Wednesday, and another blog. Ever since the family birthday party earlier in the week, I haven't been eating much because I became so stuffed. When a storm made everyone leave, it was almost as if Katrina hit for a moment. The wind was blowing the rain sideways, there was lightning everywhere, and a line even went down with two massive sparks in front of my eyes. It was a very eventful day, but both Mimi and I were exhausted the next day. The food was so good, I wish I had access to that kind of cooking every day.

On Friday through Sunday, I'll be helping out my teacher with house sitting. She hasn't called back yet for a meeting since the first time I met her even though she said she would, so I plan on calling her later today. There are a few things we need to briefly discuss again and I also need to get the alarm buttons from her so I can disable/enable the alarm as needed. I'll probably be calling her around 5:30 to 6.

Other than that, not much has been going on, but I did finish Yu Yu Hakusho for the first time this week. It was an amazing and heartfelt anime, and I want to watch it again sometime. My favorite characters are Kurama, Jin, Hiei, Genkai, Kaito, and Raizen. I'm now going to watch Hunter x Hunter, but it's taking forever to download, so I've just been rewatching anime episodes from Wolf's Rain to spend the time.

That's about all of the events that have been going on so far, so until next time~!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Well, Wednesday again. So it's time to blog post now~ Nothing much new has happened over the week, other than the fact I got to spend lots of time with a certain person. It was at a gaming tournament, where I also got to play a game that I had been dying to play. I played Marvel vs Capcom 3 with the team of Amaterasu, Ryu, and Hsien-Ko. Interestingly enough, I'm super super good with Hsien-Ko, and she was recommended to me! I had always planned to have Ammy on my team, but I'm only medium good with her. I heard her difficulty is hard, though, so I guess it's not too bad. Ryu is more of a buffer, he's easy to play and a good counter for lots of characters, not to mention the main reason I picked him was because his name means dragon in Japanese. XD

Next week I will be house sitting for one of my favorite teachers. She's the one I talked about before, the one who was like my grandmother I never knew. It will be from June 15-17 I believe, I'd have to get the paper again though. Then later in June I will house sit for a much longer time, and in July I might be house sitting some but I doubt it since I have so much to do in July. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out then, and I'm also helping my mom get her garage cleaned out. There is also a huge gaming tournament in July that I don't want to miss, so July is pretty full for me.

I'm also thinking about August. In August, I'll finally be in college, and after August I'll finally be 18. I'll be an official adult, with no one required to take care of me. I already know I'll never be alone, because I'm with too many wonderful people and one even more wonderful, but it is food for thought. It's the official launching pad of life, the diving board, the edge of the cliff as you're about to hang glide. There are so many possibilities out there. It's my hope to take hold of adventure and go where I can, while also helping others along the way as much as possible. Life's about to truly start, and I can see the horizon.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lol, haven't blogged in forever. XD The end of school has made me forget, but a great friend made me remember when she showed me a link to her tumblr. I don't use tumblr, but her picture blog reminded me of my blog.

Lots of things have been going on since the end of school, and currently I'm playing through Okamiden a second time. Going back and looking at it now, it looks like they did put a lot of effort into it. My first playthrough was plagued with me trying to compare it to Okami, but now that I've finished it and seen all the elements through and have been replaying it, it truly is a great game. It must've been tough to convert all the Okami detailed graphics into quality but smaller graphics for Okamiden since it's on the DS. The only big flaw of the game is the fact that the quality checker for Okamiden's script didn't do a very good job, as there are typos throughout and a dialogue error as well. I also missed being able to walk on water and swim in Okami, but I'm sure they would've added the feature if there was enough space.

Tomorrow I will be going to see one of my teachers to discuss how I can housesit for her while she's gone in June. She told me it's like I could have my own apartment- live there, sleep there, take care of her pets while she's gone, keep everything nice and clean, and etc. She really believes in me and trusts me, and that makes me feel so amazing. My mom has already said that I can't live there, but that I can visit and housesit, which I expected, but I'm planning on asking the teacher later on if she needs more housesitting when I'm 18. Once my parents can see that I can be responsible, then they will be more lenient with me. I would love to housesit for her- it's like she's my grandmother I never knew. I really feel like family with her, and not very many people make me feel that way.

I've been playing Minecraft a lot, which is a game in which you build and destroy blocks in a world made literally of blocks. Now that I think of it, it's like Okami but you get to edit the overworld whenever you want to and however you want to. XD There is Single player and Multiplayer, free Classic and paid Beta. Someone I am very close to has Beta, and he has let me play on his account sometimes. Beta is definitely beautiful, it's a shame that most of the servers for multiplayer mode get wiped so frequently that keeping your builds there is next to impossible. Even the ones that don't get wiped often still get wiped every few months. On the free Classic reddit server, though, it hasn't seem to have gotten wiped in a long while- just the opposite, they appear to just add more maps when there's no more space. It's really a great place to play and build.

I am probably going to start being very busy in June. That's mainly when I want to start getting the most done. I just realized that June is tomorrow, looking at the date, so I'll have to get ready for next month. I won't be too busy for the computer, but I probably won't be on as much. I'll start blogging every Wednesday again- I'm confident I'll have the time for it. And to remember, I'll keep the tab open in my main browser window. Till next time~

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another day means another blog post. Earlier this morning, I had food poisoning (Scombroid) that happened because I ate tuna that got too warm by the time I ate it at lunch. I got very nauseous and weak, even dizzy at one point as I had to keep pacing to keep my food (and the anti histamines I took) down, and eventually after what seemed like forever it began to subside. I kept a positive attitude through the whole thing, knowing that it was not a potentially fatal condition and that it would actually clear up in a matter of hours. The only reason I went to school today is because I had a test that I absolutely did not want to take a make up for. Our World History teacher (I love her tons though) makes separate make up tests that are much, much more difficult than the originals and are often something like all fill in the blanks and art identifications, with you having to spell everything right. Thankfully, I have that class second to last so I could wait a while at home before I came to school for the test. Overall, I think I got a C on that test. Even with me studying it was still hard, because it spanned several days' worth of lectures combined with a map and art identification. It's all over now though, and I can look toward the future relieved once I recover completely from the poisoning. Right now I need a lot of rest and good water intake, and I will be good as always. The next thing I have to do on my list is to get all the notes I lost from my old hard drive from classmates to study for finals...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Well, it's time to blog post again. The monthly is uncomfortable but at least there are no cramps. After reciting a poem I had to memorize, I feel like a weight's been lifted. There are only 11 days left of school and I'm nearing the finish line. However, beyond that finish line... is more busy than I've ever had. To prepare for college, I need to learn tons of things from my grandmother (Mimi) and I have to go help my mom clean out her garage, not to mention visiting some people and spending time with those I love. It's going to be a heck of a ride, and it makes me wonder what state I'll be in on the first day of college. I can't wear myself out and then expect to do well, so I need to pace myself and plan lots ahead. I've already done some planning, but I need to finish it up and get the specifics ironed out. I also have to remember to get lots of sleep... that shouldn't be too hard though. I'll almost definitely need a nice daily planner and I'll have support from all sides, so I guess I might be blowing it out of proportion. But I definitely won't be able to have as much time off, and the time I help my mom clean out the garage will be especially exhausting. I might need extra help from someone with it, if my mom agrees to let help come.

Heres to high school graduation, college life, and the future. ~

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Busy, busy, busy. Those are the three words that best describe my life right now. :p I have to get so many things ready for Senior graduation, I have to get things set up for a gaming tournament I want to host at my school, and on top of that I have to keep my grades up. And this is only a taste of how it will be for the 2 months before college. Thankfully I'm not going to the prom so I don't have to worry about that. There's a lot of things that need to get done and dealt with, but they will all be fixed and worked with. That's about all I have the time to blog for- can't think of anything else and I need to go nap before I lose sleep. :p Until next time~!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Forgot again to blog, I was playing Okami in honor of a loved one's pet that has recently passed away. I'm thinking about a lot of things every day now, and a lot of things have to get done in the 19 days we have left of school. My head hurts a bit just thinking about it, but I know in the end it will be alright. I wish I could sleep more, because my eyes are still hurting a bit, and I haven't had time or energy to keep preparing the ginkgo tea. I've been eating dried bilberries in its stead with my cereal, but they seem to be having little effect. I could guess it's because they are dried, but I don't think supplements will help as much as the real thing, and fresh bilberries seem to only be in England. I wonder why they can't be frozen and shipped here.
Recently, I also bought some hemp moisturizer that I had found in a local beauty shop when my aunt came to visit, and I used it on my back one hot day when my seborrhea (oily, itchy flakes on skin that are incurable) was flaring up again. It seems to have completely cleared up my seborrhea and I have not had a flare up since. My back feels extremely smooth, almost as if I no longer have seborrhea on my back. I am hoping that is the case, because if it is, I can start mixing it with my shampoo and using it for my scalp which has the worst case of my seborrhea. I am very hopeful and uplifted by this, and I'm glad that companies are becoming more open to an amazing plant that has unfairly received so much bad reputation. There really is new hope.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So all of a sudden the tech department is having me turn in the hard drive tomorrow, whether or not I've been able to get anything off of it... and now I'm rushing to get it fixed. The person helping me had something that came up, so I'm using this time to blog. I'm really praying that my drive can make it through and I can recover the files, but doing this all in a short time is hard and risky to boot. The plan is to get the drive cloned but I need another hard drive to clone it on, so I'm depending on another external that I have in order to try to write the image on it. However, it doesn't always connect, so everything's very iffy. Tomorrow I can also try cloning the drive during school, and hopefully I can stay after school for a while and try to clone it one more time there. I'm praying that things work out for the best.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I missed Wednesday again, but oh well. XD I've had so much going on, that I can probably only blog when I get the chance now. Nothing much has been going on, other than me thinking about the future a bit more and making sure to write some things down so I can be on track for the two months I'll be off of school before college.
Mimi and I watched some Animal Planet today and saw the Grizzly Man Diaries. I think it's really sad that the man who filmed them had to depart the way that he did, but at least he was doing something that he loved. There were a lot of signs that were ominous apparently, like how he set up tent too close to a trail, how he had a disagreement with the airline about his ticket out, and how he had to stay longer than usual in a time where the bears were more aggressive as they were trying to eat as much as possible for hibernation. The bears he filmed with weren't around either, as they already left for hibernation and new, unfamiliar bears were coming in to find more food. He was there with his girlfriend, and she also did not make it. It made me think about Steve Irwin, how weather stopped his filming and he went to casually film a stingray for his other show, and about how amazing yet unpredictable nature really is. I think it's true that there are many signs when something bad will happen, even if it's just a feeling. But it's also true that our bodies won't live forever, too. It's the mystery of life.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Today Japan had a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake. It was devastating, and destroyed many buildings and killed many people. The death toll is in the hundreds right now and expected to go into the thousands. However, in all of this tragedy, I have faith in them. They prepare themselves exceptionally well for earthquakes, and an 8.9 is a sure test of their technology. Many of their buildings, even under the stress of a massive one like that, only swayed in the face of it. They know they live in an area especially susceptible to earthquakes and they've done the best they can. A good side to this is the fact that this will be the best recorded earthquake ever, and they can learn from the nature of this one what to suspect from upcoming ones. I'm pretty certain that Japan will eventually become earthquake proof entirely. The fact that this one was so big is speeding them up. Through all of this, my hopes and prayers are with them that those affected are comforted, consoled, and kept in good hands.
As for me, things have been going normal as usual other than this news. My eyes have started to feel funny again, but it's not as bad as it used to be. I also went to a new dermatologist today and got in and out in the quickest time ever- it was literally minutes. In comparison, every other place I've been to had me to wait at least half an hour, and sometimes even hours. I could tell the doctor was very smart, and he finally diagnosed me with what I had self diagnosed myself with before- seborrheic dermatitis (or for short, seborrhea). It's basically oily dandruff that has a strong smell and has to be controlled with medicated shampoo and/or natural treatments. As of now, there is no cure. Thankfully, it's not that bad of a condition, and only means I have to make sure I keep treating it to manage it. Even if I didn't, there are no adverse effects on my part besides the itching, though people around me wouldn't exactly be pleased if I let it go. XD And I did miss blogging Wednesday, but I didn't have much to blog about and I was also busy working to clean my room and organize all of my things that I'm keeping, and sectioning off what I'm not keeping long term.
My thoughts, however, continue to linger on Japan.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday, Mar. 2

Well, it's Wednesday again, and there's not much going on besides the normal. We got to get out of school early today because of a picture day, and it was great because the event was only for people who had clubs at our school and anyone who wasn't in any clubs could leave early. Everyone who had clubs had to stay and get a picture taken, and it was mandatory. I stayed in the tech room and watched some videos on Youtube until I could get picked up.
The year is soon coming to a close, and we only have 33 days left until we're out for good. It's pretty freeing, because we can finally have more freedom and more choices in what we are doing. Despite this, I still have final exams to look at, and I need to recover my data from my hard drive first... so there are many things I need to get through before the end of the year. Even though I tried, my eyes have been bothering me a lot lately and I was unable to get an A in my second semester to be exempt from some exams, but oh well. It's life.
Mostly, I can't wait for the day that I get to truly travel and see the sights like I've always longed for.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday, Feb. 23

I've decided to start blogging every Wednesday now. As usual, I've mainly been drowning in homework and thinking about a lot that's in my future. Some senior tensions are getting high in my classes, and one teacher and student are even arguing on a regular basis now. It makes me wonder how long this will go on. Interestingly enough, today there were no problems.
This Monday was an interesting Monday, in that we weren't swamped with homework until Tuesday. There's no avoiding the homework pile, but I guess it was nice to have a Monday to actually think about something other than work for a change. I'm still hoping that my hard drive is good, and two of the most gifted techs at the school are banking on something that may work. One of them said I will have to do it, so I can learn from it and learn how to fix the problem in the future, but I still feel bad for dropping the computer in the first place... it's kind of hard to not think about that when you've been around technology for such a long time and should be used to handling it right by now. Though I guess it is true that things happen.
The weather is as unpredictable as it can get, sometimes I wish I could get money for doing what the forecasters do- guess at the weather and then get it wrong very often. It's getting even more unpredictable now, and I find it amusing that one day we have to light the heater and the next we have to plug in the fans. I could get used to this, because at least your body can adjust to the temperatures and not be as affected from either one anymore. XD
I'm starting to get more and more paperwork out of the house, and I'm glad to be freeing it finally so that I can organize everything better once I have to move out. I'm aiming to get most of my things in only 3-4 bins, hopefully small sized, but it's looking like I may need two big ones and one small one. This isn't including the stuffed animal bin I have at my house, though, so I'm guessing in total it will be 5 bins. It's a lot, but it's not like I'll really be getting much more physical stuff anyway since the computer is awesome and most of what I get later will be digital.
Today I only got 6 hours of sleep, even though I usually get 8-10, because I was finishing up homework. It made me more tired in class, and my eyes were already red from it even though they didn't feel bad, which kind of worries me about my eyes. I learned some of the basics of Java coding in class today so that made up for it, but I have so much work due & tests in other classes that the happiness was short lived. I'm sure I'll be fine once I sleep some more tonight, though. I can now remind myself that there are only 38 days left- it calms my thoughts a bit. :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday, Feb. 19

This is the first time I've posted in about two years I think. XD I've been busy with school, people, life, and, well, life. I've met and reconnected with amazing people on Facebook, since I finally got one to help someone get more likes (ended up using it). I'm also using Chrome now instead of Firefox, mainly because Chrome has yet to be hacked. I still use Firefox for some things, and I still download it to support it. I've gotten Soul Silver and I have three legitimate shinies already. It makes me happy. I also want to get MvC3 but I don't have a 360 or a PS3 yet... if only they could've made it for the PC too, lol. As for college, I'm still deciding, but I definitely won't be leaving the state in the first two years. After that, I want to travel somewhere and finish my education in another state. My preference would be Colorado. I absolutely love the natural beauty, especially mountains, forests, and lakes. Other than that, life has pretty much been normal; ups and downs as randomly as the wind blows.

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