Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday, Feb. 23

I've decided to start blogging every Wednesday now. As usual, I've mainly been drowning in homework and thinking about a lot that's in my future. Some senior tensions are getting high in my classes, and one teacher and student are even arguing on a regular basis now. It makes me wonder how long this will go on. Interestingly enough, today there were no problems.
This Monday was an interesting Monday, in that we weren't swamped with homework until Tuesday. There's no avoiding the homework pile, but I guess it was nice to have a Monday to actually think about something other than work for a change. I'm still hoping that my hard drive is good, and two of the most gifted techs at the school are banking on something that may work. One of them said I will have to do it, so I can learn from it and learn how to fix the problem in the future, but I still feel bad for dropping the computer in the first place... it's kind of hard to not think about that when you've been around technology for such a long time and should be used to handling it right by now. Though I guess it is true that things happen.
The weather is as unpredictable as it can get, sometimes I wish I could get money for doing what the forecasters do- guess at the weather and then get it wrong very often. It's getting even more unpredictable now, and I find it amusing that one day we have to light the heater and the next we have to plug in the fans. I could get used to this, because at least your body can adjust to the temperatures and not be as affected from either one anymore. XD
I'm starting to get more and more paperwork out of the house, and I'm glad to be freeing it finally so that I can organize everything better once I have to move out. I'm aiming to get most of my things in only 3-4 bins, hopefully small sized, but it's looking like I may need two big ones and one small one. This isn't including the stuffed animal bin I have at my house, though, so I'm guessing in total it will be 5 bins. It's a lot, but it's not like I'll really be getting much more physical stuff anyway since the computer is awesome and most of what I get later will be digital.
Today I only got 6 hours of sleep, even though I usually get 8-10, because I was finishing up homework. It made me more tired in class, and my eyes were already red from it even though they didn't feel bad, which kind of worries me about my eyes. I learned some of the basics of Java coding in class today so that made up for it, but I have so much work due & tests in other classes that the happiness was short lived. I'm sure I'll be fine once I sleep some more tonight, though. I can now remind myself that there are only 38 days left- it calms my thoughts a bit. :)

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