Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday, Aug. 26

Monday, I happened to have a teacher that told us what was homework for yesterday and today... and that started it all last night. I then found another teacher's schedule that she had posted on Blackboard and she included the homework for the entire week. Since I knew that my birthday party was coming up, I decided to do it all. Yes, I did all of the homework I found, minus some project thing that I didn't understand- I know I'll understand it soon once the teacher tells us about it. So, since I did that, I stayed up well until about 11 o'clock. I was almost late yesterday morning for lack of sleep, but thank the Lord for nutritional drinks. I drank two of them, and managed to get to school that morning nice and relaxed. If I find any more homework schedules, I'll be sure to do them, too! I'm trying to have as little homework as possible on Thursday and Friday in order to make final preparations for my party.

I couldn't post Tuesday's because of the reason above, and because I surprisingly had even more homework last night. It's like the never ending abyss... you climb a long way out, but you stay inside indefinitely... >.> Oh well. Hurricane Gustav seem to be bringing a huge reaction now, and everyone's already talking about evacuation and everything... I miss the old days where, when a tropical storm came around, it was on the news for about 5 seconds and then you never heard about it again. Now, any hurricane or tropical storm is over-covered and way too publicized. I don't feel this way about Gustav, however. It seems that this one may be different than the others, and people are now taking storms much more seriously. My birthday party is particularly being affected, in that my friends may have to stay at my house to evacuate instead of just coming and leaving. We'll see more about this as it comes, and I hope my next birthday isn't as ominous a time as this one.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Over the weekend and Monday, Aug. 25

Ok, my whole weekend was spent trying to get ready for my birthday party next weekend. I had to vacuum, put some things out of my room, move my bed to a different place for more space, and I also had to dust my furniture and stuff. I plan to do more during the week this week to keep it up and do a little more, so that everything can be nice for my birthday. I'm still going to clean more little by little this week, so the cat's fur won't be a problem. XD I have lots of things to do and some people to keep up with for my birthday, so that it can turn out to be a great party for everyone! ^^

So today..... more and more homework. Just a normal, simple day with more homework in my To Do List than there is water in Niagara Falls. I'm trying to keep myself motivated, with my birthday coming up, to do all of my homework, but I also think about the time after my birthday. Bleach only comes out once a week, but I'm also watching Chobits now (I had stalled it in order to catch up to Bleach) and I'm trying to read Zombie Powder (Kubo Tite, the creator of Bleach, made this before he made Bleach) occasionally. However, since my grandmother took my home computer away, I can't read Zombie Powder much anymore. I'm going to have to try and read it occasionally on my school computer I guess. It's going to be hard finding time for Zombie Powder, since the school blocks it for some reason (Probably because it's not school related XD). But either way, I'm successfully juggling 2 animes, one manga, and truckloads of homework, so I guess I'm doing pretty well. ^^

Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday, Aug. 22

Yesterday was pretty normal, besides the fact that I went to bed at about 11 o'clock. I had a lot of homework, so I didn't really have any time to blog. Also, Mrytu couldn't make it to the library yesterday, because her mom managed to get out of the meeting (it wasn't important things they were discussing). Also, I watched Bleach yesterday. It was good!

I'm so glad it's Friday! I have a little work to do over the weekend, but it's not too much. I almost fell asleep in Theology II because I was so tired from going to sleep late... but at least we don't have much to do over the weekend! All I have to do over the weekend is make an animated dragon for extra credit in geometry, and also draw some pictures that I've owed Mrytu for a while now. But, that's not too much. I'll be able to finish most of it very soon! ^^ So yes, pretty much, I'm doing pretty well now. When I get home today, I'm planning to call Rissa so that I can get in touch with her about my birthday plans. ^^

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday, Aug. 20

Yesterday was pretty much normal, and I had a bit of homework, so yeah. Also, until Thursday, Mrytu gets to come to the library with me and olomonkey to spend some time together after the day. I asked Mrytu why, and she said her mom had a meeting the rest of the week besides Friday, and that she got her mom to let her come to the library for about an hour. So, I'm pretty much enjoying the fact that Mrytu can stay for at least just a couple of days, because she can't come to the library usually.

Finally.... Bleach is going to be released today after a one-week hiatus because of summer break in Japan! I can't wait to see it tomorrow.
Today I had a lot of homework.... to the point that it rivaled even the homework from the first day, which is really saying something. I'm actually still doing it now, but since I remembered about this blog, I decided to take a break. I'm almost done with it now, though.

And you'll NEVER believe what I got in the mail today. Never. Well, let's just say that I love my cousins now. They live where a certain anime convention was that I REALLY wanted to go to last summer, but I just couldn't make it there. They were able to make it... and sent me a TON of things from the convention! Some things included four packs of some trading cards for two different card games (two packs for each card game), a gigantic bag, a souvenir book, a guide book to the events there, and more. I couldn't believe it- boy, do I have a long thank you to write now! I kind of want to call them AND write them. I'm pretty happy now! ^^~

Monday, August 18, 2008

Over the weekend and Monday

Over the weekend, I was busy fiddling with ROM-hacks of a game I've already recieved, played, and beaten a long time ago, and it was extremely entertaining seeing everything that game can do. That pretty much took up my -entire- weekend, to the point I didn't really sleep much or anything. It sounds silly, but if you saw how many options you had, you might be able to see where I was coming from. However, this resulted in my grandmother permanently confiscating both my iPod and my best headphones (that I got with my own money...) and she says that when my mother comes over for my birthday, she's sending them home with her. Which means that I will never get to see them again until Christmas. She also said that for now, I'm completely banned from playing (this fits many things) on the computer. I guess all I can say now is that it was good while it lasted.

Today, it was a pretty normal day..... except for the fact that I was dead tired with no energy because of la montha. (If you don't get it, don't worry about it.) It was also a queer day in that I have almost no homework, a blaring contrast from the first day of school, in which I had convinced myself that I'd probably get 4 homework assignments per day at the least. But, hey, the less the better. On to the next day!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fourth Day of School

Sorry that I couldn't post yesterday- I just had more homework than usual. But basically, this school week is going absolutely great! I'm keeping up with my homework, and I'm getting more organized. I'm also making more updates more often and it really couldn't be better. Now I just need to get in touch with everyone for my birthday party.... Ahh! I have to go do that...... Well, things are pretty good, and that's about it! See you next post.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Website Updates

Yes, I have been starting to update things much more frequently now. Since I have a whole period off at the end of school, I have more time to be able to fix things and update things like never before. I may even get more active on my other accounts! (Hopefully. ^_^) Homework, as I immediately noticed today, is being given much more frequently, although not necessarily harder. In fact, this is almost the easiest homework I've ever seen in high school. But it's bound to not last too long, I know it. They're just starting us off...... *cringe* Oh well. No matter how much homework I get, I'm more grateful to God for the free period than anything else that could bother me. Thank you, Lord!

Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day of Sophomore Year

Well, actually, it wasn't that bad. I thought it was going to be horrible, but it turned out to be pretty nice. All of my teachers are female, and they are all very nice, so I'm satisfied. I even have a free period for the last hour of school, so that gives me extra time to finish any homework that I have! However, one thing turned out wrong- one of my best friends has a different lunch period than her other friend and me. So, we're trying to work that out, and I'll definitely make sure she can have the same lunch period as us and we can all stay together!

Yes, I also had homework on the first day. I didn't expect to not have any, actually. I mean, it IS Sophomore year.

My birthday is in a few weeks, so I have to get ready for that, too. I plan to get together a few friends and Brawl with them, watch Bleach, eat, and have a great time. I'm still finding out who can come and who can't. My mother is also coming. (I'm going to attempt to make my mom try Brawl. I hope she likes it! XD)

So yeah. I still have a little homework left, and I took a break to write this, so I need to get back to it. See you next post!~

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