Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday, Aug. 26

Monday, I happened to have a teacher that told us what was homework for yesterday and today... and that started it all last night. I then found another teacher's schedule that she had posted on Blackboard and she included the homework for the entire week. Since I knew that my birthday party was coming up, I decided to do it all. Yes, I did all of the homework I found, minus some project thing that I didn't understand- I know I'll understand it soon once the teacher tells us about it. So, since I did that, I stayed up well until about 11 o'clock. I was almost late yesterday morning for lack of sleep, but thank the Lord for nutritional drinks. I drank two of them, and managed to get to school that morning nice and relaxed. If I find any more homework schedules, I'll be sure to do them, too! I'm trying to have as little homework as possible on Thursday and Friday in order to make final preparations for my party.

I couldn't post Tuesday's because of the reason above, and because I surprisingly had even more homework last night. It's like the never ending abyss... you climb a long way out, but you stay inside indefinitely... >.> Oh well. Hurricane Gustav seem to be bringing a huge reaction now, and everyone's already talking about evacuation and everything... I miss the old days where, when a tropical storm came around, it was on the news for about 5 seconds and then you never heard about it again. Now, any hurricane or tropical storm is over-covered and way too publicized. I don't feel this way about Gustav, however. It seems that this one may be different than the others, and people are now taking storms much more seriously. My birthday party is particularly being affected, in that my friends may have to stay at my house to evacuate instead of just coming and leaving. We'll see more about this as it comes, and I hope my next birthday isn't as ominous a time as this one.

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