Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday, Aug. 20

Yesterday was pretty much normal, and I had a bit of homework, so yeah. Also, until Thursday, Mrytu gets to come to the library with me and olomonkey to spend some time together after the day. I asked Mrytu why, and she said her mom had a meeting the rest of the week besides Friday, and that she got her mom to let her come to the library for about an hour. So, I'm pretty much enjoying the fact that Mrytu can stay for at least just a couple of days, because she can't come to the library usually.

Finally.... Bleach is going to be released today after a one-week hiatus because of summer break in Japan! I can't wait to see it tomorrow.
Today I had a lot of homework.... to the point that it rivaled even the homework from the first day, which is really saying something. I'm actually still doing it now, but since I remembered about this blog, I decided to take a break. I'm almost done with it now, though.

And you'll NEVER believe what I got in the mail today. Never. Well, let's just say that I love my cousins now. They live where a certain anime convention was that I REALLY wanted to go to last summer, but I just couldn't make it there. They were able to make it... and sent me a TON of things from the convention! Some things included four packs of some trading cards for two different card games (two packs for each card game), a gigantic bag, a souvenir book, a guide book to the events there, and more. I couldn't believe it- boy, do I have a long thank you to write now! I kind of want to call them AND write them. I'm pretty happy now! ^^~

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