Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another day means another blog post. Earlier this morning, I had food poisoning (Scombroid) that happened because I ate tuna that got too warm by the time I ate it at lunch. I got very nauseous and weak, even dizzy at one point as I had to keep pacing to keep my food (and the anti histamines I took) down, and eventually after what seemed like forever it began to subside. I kept a positive attitude through the whole thing, knowing that it was not a potentially fatal condition and that it would actually clear up in a matter of hours. The only reason I went to school today is because I had a test that I absolutely did not want to take a make up for. Our World History teacher (I love her tons though) makes separate make up tests that are much, much more difficult than the originals and are often something like all fill in the blanks and art identifications, with you having to spell everything right. Thankfully, I have that class second to last so I could wait a while at home before I came to school for the test. Overall, I think I got a C on that test. Even with me studying it was still hard, because it spanned several days' worth of lectures combined with a map and art identification. It's all over now though, and I can look toward the future relieved once I recover completely from the poisoning. Right now I need a lot of rest and good water intake, and I will be good as always. The next thing I have to do on my list is to get all the notes I lost from my old hard drive from classmates to study for finals...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Well, it's time to blog post again. The monthly is uncomfortable but at least there are no cramps. After reciting a poem I had to memorize, I feel like a weight's been lifted. There are only 11 days left of school and I'm nearing the finish line. However, beyond that finish line... is more busy than I've ever had. To prepare for college, I need to learn tons of things from my grandmother (Mimi) and I have to go help my mom clean out her garage, not to mention visiting some people and spending time with those I love. It's going to be a heck of a ride, and it makes me wonder what state I'll be in on the first day of college. I can't wear myself out and then expect to do well, so I need to pace myself and plan lots ahead. I've already done some planning, but I need to finish it up and get the specifics ironed out. I also have to remember to get lots of sleep... that shouldn't be too hard though. I'll almost definitely need a nice daily planner and I'll have support from all sides, so I guess I might be blowing it out of proportion. But I definitely won't be able to have as much time off, and the time I help my mom clean out the garage will be especially exhausting. I might need extra help from someone with it, if my mom agrees to let help come.

Heres to high school graduation, college life, and the future. ~

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Busy, busy, busy. Those are the three words that best describe my life right now. :p I have to get so many things ready for Senior graduation, I have to get things set up for a gaming tournament I want to host at my school, and on top of that I have to keep my grades up. And this is only a taste of how it will be for the 2 months before college. Thankfully I'm not going to the prom so I don't have to worry about that. There's a lot of things that need to get done and dealt with, but they will all be fixed and worked with. That's about all I have the time to blog for- can't think of anything else and I need to go nap before I lose sleep. :p Until next time~!

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