Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday, May 25

Well, this is definitely a late blog. Ironically, today is an exam day, where I take two of the hardest exams- English and Geometry. But I decided to blog really quickly to alleviate any stress I might have.

Many, many things have happened since the last time I posted- I went to my first anime convention and participated in my first Brawl tournament, I found out 3 new games and 1 movie I'm looking forward to- Bleach DS 4th Flame Bringer, Pokemon Soul Silver, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Sky, and Bleach Fade to Black. I've listened to a lot of random new music and found some new big favorites. One more person has died, I believe it was my grandmother's uncle. I've been practicing on Brawl much more, and I've found a friend that's extremely good at Brawl. In general, everything is going great. I also actually love exam time, much to most people's surprise. Exams are a time that I can say I'm studying hard, but truthfully I just want to breathe for a while and have some alone time to myself away from it all. It's very relaxing to me and helps me recharge each year. It's like middle breathing ground- it's after all the school work, but before all of the summer responsibilities/work. Tomorrow is the last day I can relax, so I'm relaxing as much as possible.

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