Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday, Aug. 16

Well, I just got a Twitter, and I have to say, it's been crazy. I locked it so that people will have to talk to me first and give me their Twitter in order for me to approve them and be able to see my tweets, but I myself have already followed over 500 accounts. ^^; They're mostly organic/eco-friendly organizations though, so I'm not just following random people. I did follow a couple of my friends that had Twitters, and I followed a few Japanese accounts that I liked (news, etc). I was surprised that even Kubo Tite had a Twitter. Ftw. I still have some homework to do for tomorrow, so I have to get straight on it. Twitter is actually pretty interesting. I just wish it wasn't blocked from school. XD

Anyway, if you happened to be wondering what my Twitter is, it's . Just send me an IM or an email if you want me to let you follow me, and I'll be glad to let you.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday, August 2

An update well needed, to summarize what has been happening over the summer.

Basically, the summer has been amazing. I've been relaxing, spending quality time with my grandmother, doing a little summer reading work, and updating other things online whenever I can. But the most important thing that has happened is that I've found a small new pastime- competitive gaming. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, specifically. I haven't gotten very far, mostly because I've only just started playing at a competitive level instead of a casual level. I've even made a few new friends, including one close friend. It's really great, and it lets me get to know people instead of just staying to myself most of the time. I also got my DS back from my mother's house, though I never did get the katana I ordered. I guess I will just have to order a different one... But at least I have some plans for next summer. I plan to visit California again for the first time in quite a long time, so that I can visit JapanTown and see some things there before I get the chance to actually go to Japan. I can't wait to plan this, and this would be the first time in years that I've visited my cousins out there. I'm already excited about getting to visit again. ~

Anyway, school will soon start up again, and I'll have to endure another year. This year is going to be even tougher- not because of the harder material, but because of where and when my classes are. The first two classes of the day this year are across campus from each other. It's going to be difficult to make it to my second period on time if I don't practically run to it. But oh well, it's life. Once I get through with the hardships, I will be able to enjoy the rest.

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