Thursday, March 17, 2011

I missed Wednesday again, but oh well. XD I've had so much going on, that I can probably only blog when I get the chance now. Nothing much has been going on, other than me thinking about the future a bit more and making sure to write some things down so I can be on track for the two months I'll be off of school before college.
Mimi and I watched some Animal Planet today and saw the Grizzly Man Diaries. I think it's really sad that the man who filmed them had to depart the way that he did, but at least he was doing something that he loved. There were a lot of signs that were ominous apparently, like how he set up tent too close to a trail, how he had a disagreement with the airline about his ticket out, and how he had to stay longer than usual in a time where the bears were more aggressive as they were trying to eat as much as possible for hibernation. The bears he filmed with weren't around either, as they already left for hibernation and new, unfamiliar bears were coming in to find more food. He was there with his girlfriend, and she also did not make it. It made me think about Steve Irwin, how weather stopped his filming and he went to casually film a stingray for his other show, and about how amazing yet unpredictable nature really is. I think it's true that there are many signs when something bad will happen, even if it's just a feeling. But it's also true that our bodies won't live forever, too. It's the mystery of life.

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