Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So all of a sudden the tech department is having me turn in the hard drive tomorrow, whether or not I've been able to get anything off of it... and now I'm rushing to get it fixed. The person helping me had something that came up, so I'm using this time to blog. I'm really praying that my drive can make it through and I can recover the files, but doing this all in a short time is hard and risky to boot. The plan is to get the drive cloned but I need another hard drive to clone it on, so I'm depending on another external that I have in order to try to write the image on it. However, it doesn't always connect, so everything's very iffy. Tomorrow I can also try cloning the drive during school, and hopefully I can stay after school for a while and try to clone it one more time there. I'm praying that things work out for the best.

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