Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So, another Wednesday, and another blog. Ever since the family birthday party earlier in the week, I haven't been eating much because I became so stuffed. When a storm made everyone leave, it was almost as if Katrina hit for a moment. The wind was blowing the rain sideways, there was lightning everywhere, and a line even went down with two massive sparks in front of my eyes. It was a very eventful day, but both Mimi and I were exhausted the next day. The food was so good, I wish I had access to that kind of cooking every day.

On Friday through Sunday, I'll be helping out my teacher with house sitting. She hasn't called back yet for a meeting since the first time I met her even though she said she would, so I plan on calling her later today. There are a few things we need to briefly discuss again and I also need to get the alarm buttons from her so I can disable/enable the alarm as needed. I'll probably be calling her around 5:30 to 6.

Other than that, not much has been going on, but I did finish Yu Yu Hakusho for the first time this week. It was an amazing and heartfelt anime, and I want to watch it again sometime. My favorite characters are Kurama, Jin, Hiei, Genkai, Kaito, and Raizen. I'm now going to watch Hunter x Hunter, but it's taking forever to download, so I've just been rewatching anime episodes from Wolf's Rain to spend the time.

That's about all of the events that have been going on so far, so until next time~!

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