Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Well, Wednesday again. So it's time to blog post now~ Nothing much new has happened over the week, other than the fact I got to spend lots of time with a certain person. It was at a gaming tournament, where I also got to play a game that I had been dying to play. I played Marvel vs Capcom 3 with the team of Amaterasu, Ryu, and Hsien-Ko. Interestingly enough, I'm super super good with Hsien-Ko, and she was recommended to me! I had always planned to have Ammy on my team, but I'm only medium good with her. I heard her difficulty is hard, though, so I guess it's not too bad. Ryu is more of a buffer, he's easy to play and a good counter for lots of characters, not to mention the main reason I picked him was because his name means dragon in Japanese. XD

Next week I will be house sitting for one of my favorite teachers. She's the one I talked about before, the one who was like my grandmother I never knew. It will be from June 15-17 I believe, I'd have to get the paper again though. Then later in June I will house sit for a much longer time, and in July I might be house sitting some but I doubt it since I have so much to do in July. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out then, and I'm also helping my mom get her garage cleaned out. There is also a huge gaming tournament in July that I don't want to miss, so July is pretty full for me.

I'm also thinking about August. In August, I'll finally be in college, and after August I'll finally be 18. I'll be an official adult, with no one required to take care of me. I already know I'll never be alone, because I'm with too many wonderful people and one even more wonderful, but it is food for thought. It's the official launching pad of life, the diving board, the edge of the cliff as you're about to hang glide. There are so many possibilities out there. It's my hope to take hold of adventure and go where I can, while also helping others along the way as much as possible. Life's about to truly start, and I can see the horizon.

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