Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lol, haven't blogged in forever. XD The end of school has made me forget, but a great friend made me remember when she showed me a link to her tumblr. I don't use tumblr, but her picture blog reminded me of my blog.

Lots of things have been going on since the end of school, and currently I'm playing through Okamiden a second time. Going back and looking at it now, it looks like they did put a lot of effort into it. My first playthrough was plagued with me trying to compare it to Okami, but now that I've finished it and seen all the elements through and have been replaying it, it truly is a great game. It must've been tough to convert all the Okami detailed graphics into quality but smaller graphics for Okamiden since it's on the DS. The only big flaw of the game is the fact that the quality checker for Okamiden's script didn't do a very good job, as there are typos throughout and a dialogue error as well. I also missed being able to walk on water and swim in Okami, but I'm sure they would've added the feature if there was enough space.

Tomorrow I will be going to see one of my teachers to discuss how I can housesit for her while she's gone in June. She told me it's like I could have my own apartment- live there, sleep there, take care of her pets while she's gone, keep everything nice and clean, and etc. She really believes in me and trusts me, and that makes me feel so amazing. My mom has already said that I can't live there, but that I can visit and housesit, which I expected, but I'm planning on asking the teacher later on if she needs more housesitting when I'm 18. Once my parents can see that I can be responsible, then they will be more lenient with me. I would love to housesit for her- it's like she's my grandmother I never knew. I really feel like family with her, and not very many people make me feel that way.

I've been playing Minecraft a lot, which is a game in which you build and destroy blocks in a world made literally of blocks. Now that I think of it, it's like Okami but you get to edit the overworld whenever you want to and however you want to. XD There is Single player and Multiplayer, free Classic and paid Beta. Someone I am very close to has Beta, and he has let me play on his account sometimes. Beta is definitely beautiful, it's a shame that most of the servers for multiplayer mode get wiped so frequently that keeping your builds there is next to impossible. Even the ones that don't get wiped often still get wiped every few months. On the free Classic reddit server, though, it hasn't seem to have gotten wiped in a long while- just the opposite, they appear to just add more maps when there's no more space. It's really a great place to play and build.

I am probably going to start being very busy in June. That's mainly when I want to start getting the most done. I just realized that June is tomorrow, looking at the date, so I'll have to get ready for next month. I won't be too busy for the computer, but I probably won't be on as much. I'll start blogging every Wednesday again- I'm confident I'll have the time for it. And to remember, I'll keep the tab open in my main browser window. Till next time~

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