Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday, Sept. 29

Wow. I really haven't been keeping up, have I? *Smacks* I need to keep this up better than I am doing now.

So pretty much, I found a new Christian forum that I've joined onto. It's absolutely gigantic, and it has every topic possibly imaginable. I really like it so far, and it seems very friendly. I hope to meet some more Christians and talk with them sometimes. I still haven't gotten the katana yet, either. Our water heater hasn't been fixed, but we still have cold water, so we're forced to go heat water up on the stove if we want to take a warm bath. I have many tests this week (at least one per day starting Wednesday), and I even had a pop quiz today in Biology. Today, I get picked up early so that I can get my braces checked out. They were supposed to be removed over half a year ago, but they said that there's something that they've overlooked, so they're trying to fix that now. Which means we're probably looking at another year or more for this to be fixed. That would make a total of five and a half years with braces... oh well. At least my teeth will be in good shape by the time I'm a Senior in college! ^_'

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