Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, Sept. 15

Wow. School turned out to be closed Friday, again because of the hurricane. I used that time Friday to finish my rough draft of my essay for English, so that I can be ahead and do a smaller amount of homework to ease my burden. I also found a new promo video for the new Bleach movie- Fade to Black- on the official Japanese website. And, not only that, but with the help of jTango I even subbed it (in a Word document) by myself! If you're wondering what jTango is, it's a Japanese translating website where you just type in any Japanese or English word, and it translates it for you! Here's the website:
I've tried to download it from the stream so that I can add subs to the actual video, and I never got more than just the visual part of it with no sound, but at school today, I managed to download it perfectly! :) I will sub it once I figure out how to.... So yeah... not very much other than that going on now. I also have to work on getting some service hours really soon...

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