Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday, Sept. 25

I haven't posted in two days... my bad! I've had tons of homework, and been pretty busy with other things. Also, just to note, we now have no running water in our home. Our water heater has broken, which means that we would have no hot water as it is, but the hot water heater is also leaking. So, as a result, my grandfather had to go turn the water that was going into the house off so that it wouldn't leak and cause water damage and skyrocketing water bills. There are now pots and ice chests speckling the house, filled with water. The problem is, the water heater in this house is so old, they don't even make water heaters like it anymore. Not even close. So, we're not sure when (or if) we will get hot, running water back, but we will just have to pray for it. I also still have not gotten the katana.

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