Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friday, Sept. 19

Well... yesterday marked the last day for 3 whole weeks that I will be able to watch Bleach. It's taking a break because of the new time slot that it has been assigned to (it will now air every Tuesday in Japan instead of Wednesday, so that means I will watch Bleach every Wednesday now), so that means I will probably be reading Zombie Powder, and re-reading some events in the Bleach manga while it's gone.

Well, Mimi wasn't too pleased last night when my mom told her my grade in Biology. She fussed at me three different times, and threatened that I'm really in trouble if I don't bring my grades up... so I will now also have to do some extra optional assignments in Biology and English to bring up my grades. That cuts even more time out from my usual activities, and yet again, miraculously fits the time slot that Bleach is not aired. Isn't the Lord good? And even more, I just remembered that my last period is not a class, so that means I might be able to get my appointment for the orthodontist back today, if my time can be changed to the latest time possible. Again, the Lord is good.

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