Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday, Oct. 10

Wow. Rotfl. I haven't posted in such a long time... forgive me, please. Bleach Notes, school, my new Shinigami Halloween costume, new pictures I'm drawing and old unfinished ones I'm finishing, and other things have been taking up precious time that I've previously had to make blog entries. So, having said that, I will start trying harder to post more often. Maybe not every day, but as much as possible.

First thing's first- Bleach 190 marks the restart of the Hueco Mundo Arc from where it left off on episode 167. Needless to say, I'm excited out of my skin. This excitement actually highly rivals the excitement I had for seeing 162, the famous Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra battle. I simply cannot wait to see 190! Also, thanks to the new time slot Bleach airs on, it is now possible for me to watch it on the same day it comes out. Tell me something, anything, that could get better, and I might not believe you. God truly rules. XD

As for normal home things, everything is generally ok. My mom's going on a cruise in November, so I wish her a good vacation. ^_' I'm getting a Shinigami costume, as I mentioned above, for Halloween to dress up as a Shinigami. I forgot to mention the sandals to my mother, so I'll just ask her for them later. I can deal without the sandals. XD Ever since StrongRad subbed the Bleach: Fade to Black movie preview that I had translated almost a good month and a half ago, and also since they have been adding new animes to the site, there has been major traffic. And I mean major. At least 3 or 4 new members joined every day, bearing a strong contrast to how it was before. Currently, the site is down now, as it is moving to a new server because of the traffic.

On the 17th, I have to go get a flu shot... however, this is actually surprising at the fact that my grandmother actually told me. I'm glad she told me, so that I can be ready, and not have to pinch myself every time I go to the doctor because I don't know if I'm getting a shot or not. Thank you very much, Mimi...

My grades are ok now, and I have nothing below a C, but I still kind of need to bring those Cs up. Overall, I'm doing pretty good, I guess.

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