Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday, Oct. 25

Yes... so I've gone a long time without blogging again... *sigh* I've been getting much more busy lately, and I have had no time to fit in my usual blogging posts. Until I get less busy, it might stay that way... '.'

So, what all has been going on? I'll tell you. I've decided to try forum RPing with Mari and two of her friends, and it was great. My RP has hit a wall, though, so I have to wait for someone to reply... however, I've gone on and started accepting requests to illustrate their RPs, manga style. It's taking forever, since I get sidetracked with other things, but I am determined to continue. In the BNotes range, everything's relatively normal, I guess... I got to change my user title by buying it with a new currency called "Yen" that goes up by five whenever you make a counting post. It's pretty nice for a new feature. ;) And yes, my katana and my costume for Halloween have still not come in yet... And I just discovered what Cream soda tasted like when I went to a Sailor Moon party with one of my friends and her other friends- liquid sweet butterscotch. It's my new favorite, besides Dr. Pepper. :D As for my flu shot, it was a first. The office was full of people getting shots, since a lot of schools were out of school that Friday. Because of that, they could not spend time with each individual patient, and had to give each person their shots quickly so that they could get to the next person. That being said, I was no exception. I decided to give what everyone had been telling me to do a try for once- don't tense up, and don't look. I managed to do both of those, and as soon as the nurse was next to me, she turned around and was walking out. I had felt a pressure, but it was nothing like my previous shots, where I had tensed up. I didn't feel a thing. It almost felt like I hadn't had a band aid on. I asked her if I didn't need a band aid, and she said that I had one on already, and I looked and saw it. Both my grandmother, the nurse, and I laughed at the fact that what my grandmother had been telling me all these years was true... XD But yeah. I hope all of mine are like that for years to come. ;) On to Bleach now. 190 was the start of the canon arc, and wow, was it amazing! I mean, if they could do it any more perfectly than they did, they would. Everything was perfectly drawn, perfectly animated, perfectly synced, and perfectly full of win. Although 65% of the episode was flaskbacks, and 10% of the episode was the opening and ending songs (the ending song was 8 minutes long), the 25% of real episode that was left was well worth the episode. A lot of other people may not think so, but I stand firm with my opinion. ^_^

So, pretty much, things have been going great. Not bad, and not perfect. Just normally great! ^_' The Lord is still good, and will always be so good. Amen.

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