Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday, March 4

Yeah, so I haven't posted in almost two months- but it's been pretty hard for me to get regular updates here. I have to get used to blogging again. >.<

Anyway, in other news... I'm learning that procrastination is not the answer, and doing hommework all at once is. Because you have less on your mind, have more free time, and are very content in general. Also, I've learned that microwaves are horrendous to your health. In a nutshell, it decreases your intelligence, puts toxins in your body, decreases the nutritional value of food, and overall hurts your health in a very significant way. I have vowed to eliminate the microwave and instead to use the stove or the toaster oven- which work much better, are sometimes actually quicker than microwaves, and are safe (unless you use an oven with fire heating- then be careful with the fire, of course). Another thing... that katana I ordered nearly a year ago? Still not in. It requires patience in times like these, so I'm giving it patience. I'm updating things on many of my accounts, so that things can be updated and fresh and new, and etc. So basically, it's life as usual! I do hope to blog more in the coming year than I have recently, though- so just bear with me for a while! ~

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