Monday, March 9, 2009

Wednesday, March 9

Well, I've been having a ton of different things happening lately. Our school lost the event that I was talking about, and I stayed up way too late last night drawing something and now I am really tired. Even through all of this, the anime club that I've been talking about should be getting bigger by next meeting, and more people should be able to come. I can't wait! I'm already working on a banner for them, and I can't wait until this gets bigger. It's going to be so fun. <3

However, with all of these good things going on, there are always some bad things. Recently, I have found that when I go to highly commercialized and 3rd-party overridden sites (like Ad-Aware or Magic Jack), even when I deny their cookies, they spawn a never-ending cookie request that barrages your computer and won't stop even if you remove all cookie permissions, exit out of the page, or even if you restart your browser. They continue to come, sometimes even two or three at a time, every 30 to 50 seconds or so. They never stop, so if you don't accept/accept for session/deny them, they pile up quickly by the tens, and possibly even by the hundreds. This has never happened to me before, so I am assuming that this is very new. It started happening the day before yesterday. The only way to fix it that I have discovered so far is to delete every cookie you have- a significant blow to anyone who likes to stay logged in to multiple accounts all the time (Hint: me). I've even tried only deleting every cookie besides my account cookies- and that doesn't work either. I'm guessing that now, just by visiting the site, it can infiltrate your cookies and corrupt all of them in some hidden way, causing hundreds upon hundreds of 3rd party sites to begin periodically trying to set their own cookies on your computer until you destroy all infected cookies. I think modest ads and things are fine, but ads that use cookies to personally infiltrate your computer and track you for their purposes? That is beyond wrong. The internet still has so far to go in this world... *sigh*

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