Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday, March 12

Well, I've been thinking that I might collaborate this blog with my journal on deviantART, since that one is updated more frequently because it's combined with my account that I'm trying to keep up. But so far, we'll just have to see. XP

Anyway, this week started pretty rough, but it's starting to get better now. I have a ton of tests today, so I have to get through them... and I am finally keeping up with my accounts now. I'm learning a time schedule for things and a way to do things, and I'm getting better every day. This really is a great time for change! I'm starting to feel better, more accepting, more motivated in things that I hadn't been motivated in before, and basically overall I'm starting to feel a sense of wellness. I need to read the Bible more, so I'll find some passages online to read every day or so. I've also found out, and this isn't the first time, that if you get only a few (4 or 5) hours of sleep each night, you tend to be more alert the next day. But if you get enough sleep, you just feel normal. The awareness is helping a little, although my eyes feel different sometimes and if I don't eat a good breakfast the next day (which this usually happens as I wake up late and don't have much time for breakfast if I get only small amounts of sleep), then I get hungry very quickly and it makes me feel exhausted. But I always feel better after I eat lunch, so it all comes out to be good, and by the time I leave school I feel great and couldn't feel better. But that's life, I guess. I am where I am, and that's how my life is. So I'm just grateful to God for it.

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