Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday, March 6

Everyone is insane right now. At my school, they're having a certain event as a challenge against another school, and right now, the score is tied. Everyone is excited, and some people have even made an "inspirational video" to get everyone revved up for later today. They amuse me. But my main focus is actually tomorrow, when I'll be going to my first anime convention meeting, and I'll also be watching two movies that I love that don't usually come on TV, but happened to be scheduled recently. I'm just so happy! :) And I'm glad that I can do most of my homework quickly now (I've gotten frustrated with it) so that I can update all of my other accounts, but mainly my deviantART one, because it deserves it. I'm starting to keep up with many things now, and I'm content. I'm starting to eat healthier, I refuse to use microwaves, and I'm eating more organic food than inorganic food. Everything's pretty much just going great! ~

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