Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday, Jan 29

Well, another post after a very long time of not posting... XD so much has been going on.

Well, let's see... everything has been going great so far! I've been reading some of the Bible when I can, enjoying Bleach, spending time with my friends and family, learning new things, and being generally happy even through rough times occasionally. However, my homework is starting to negatively affect me... I've been losing a lot of sleep, and I need to set a schedule for homework now instead of doing it sporadically like I have been (which has been my downfall). I regrettably have to set a schedule now for doing all of my homework at one time, and sacrificing free time, etc. And this is only Sophomore year... I can't imagine next year or even the next one. It will probably eradicate my free time entirely in Senior year. I only got 2ish to 3 hours of sleep last night, and now I'm really fighting in class to maintain focus without nodding or blanking out... yeah. Well, I guess my spontaneous schedule has to be broken now... I guess that's just life.

On another note, it's one of my best friends' birthday today!! Happy birthday, リサ! ^^

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Sergiu said...

Hehehe :> found ya :>

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yes, i think that you will not understand anything because it's written in Romanian but you can admire the design, actually it is a pretty one ;))

Good to see ya, i just added you in reader so keep posting :) maybe you can make some $ from ads :>

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