Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday, Dec. 29

Haven't posted in forever... but here I go. :)

So, basically, I finished all of my exams, and I have finally come to my mother's house for some rest. I've been playing my DS almost every single day for long hours, being extremely glad that I've finally gotten it back since I'm at my mom's house. ^^ I've been resting up, am still caught up on Bleach (199 was freaking awesome... if you know me well, you would know exactly why. ^^ 200 was also amazing. ;) ), and am catching up on Kurozuka (I'm going to watch 9 tonight.) It's sad that it was only 12 episodes long, I want to see more of it. It seems to have close resemblances to Wolf's Rain, so much so that I can barely believe it. XD

I'm getting ready for the New Year by preparing to stay up all night (not hard at all XD) and to watch the brilliant glass ball drop down in Times Square, signifying the coming in of a new year. I'm glad I get to watch it from the bedroom instead of watching it in Times Square while packed in like sardines in a can, I mean, people always fill up that place and some for the New Year's event there. XD It's already packed, and to multiply that by 10 equals instant chaos (or more like instant cramping.) Oh well. The people who go there endure that either way, just to see it live. They like it there, I like it here, so we're all happy. ;) I've been doing great, and I can't wait until summer, where I get even more time at my mom's house. However, this summer is very different from other summers. Since I have a cat, I need to consider bringing him to my mom's house, since I don't want him to not see me for a whole two-ish months. I need to see if mom's alright with it, because I really want him to be able to come here. I'd have to keep him in my room of course, and I'd probably have to make a lot of arrangements. But it really is worth it. ;) Also, he's a bit skittish with other people, so I hope it will help with that problem of his. Either way, I've been doing great, and I'm getting rested for my second semester of school, which will replace my Fine Arts class with P.E., and my free period with Tech Programming class. (Which means my free period at the end of the day is gone. -.- Oh well. It's worth it.) I hope to do even better this semester than last semester. Well, see you next post! ;)

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